My first video is online. It is a brief introduction to Conquest: Frontier Wars. I'm sorry for the flickering from time to time, it's a screen capture error that I hope to fix in the next videos. The video was shot in 4:3 screen resolution hence the additional box on the side.

Watch here:


Conquest: Frontier Wars YouTube channel

I would like to invite you to my new Conquest: Frontier Wars gaming channel. Here I wish to feature let's play videos of mods for the game and I will also showcase my own mods. The channel is in a very early stage with few actual content, but hopefully I will get round to posting soon.´╗┐


Showcase of Vyrium Uprising Superweapons

New exe file icon

Prototype of the Celareon Terraformer for the Conquest: Vyrium Uprising Balance Mod.
Conquest: Vyrium Uprising
Conquest: Vyrium Uprising
The KickStarter Pitch has been launched! Why don't you help the guys over at PeeZocker Inc. by pledging your support? Everybody pitch in!
KickStarter Page
PeeZocker Inc. Page
Message from DaDakota

"Hey gang,

We are planning to go on KStarter in the next week to 10 days, any ideas you have for the pitch as in tiers of service etc are welcome.

One thing I would like to ask though, is would anyone like to be in the video for the pitch? We are looking for a few fans/modders of the game that would not mind having a short SKYPE call recorded where they say something about wanting CQ2 to be made etc.....

I need 3 - 5 people, from different countries that want to say something in their native tongue which we can put translations underneath as they say it.

What say you?


You can follow plans here