The Faces of the Vyrium Mystics - Showcase
From left to right: Baal, Asmodeus, Berith, Astaroth, Leviathan and Sonneillon
Prototype of the Celareon Terraformer for the Conquest: Vyrium Uprising Balance Mod.
Conquest: Vyrium Uprising
Conquest: Vyrium Uprising
It gives me great pleasure to present to you Seaniel's Conquest: Nemezis Rebellion mod!

The topic for this can be found on the modders forum.


Conquest - Nemezis Rebellion 1.29
Change log:
Version 1.29
- restore Siris unit speech messages
- add unused and rare speech messages for Siris units and admirals
- change new game menu music
- new Sileron and Altaria commanders names
- new conquest.exe icon

Version 1.28
- new graphic for Altaria toolbar and planetbar
- fixed some Altaria icons

Version 1.27
- new graphic for Sileron toolbar and planetbar
- change Procyo and Blanus portrait
- fixed some Sileron and Siris icons

Version 1.26
- new graphic for Siris planetbar

Version 1.25
- new graphic for Siris toolbar
- new research "Fleet Modernization Strategy"
- new Nemezis commanders names

Version 1.24
- new graphics for mini maps
- new textures for ARC weapon

Version 1.23
- new descriptions for all Siris units 
- new descriptions for new Siris platforms (Defense Battery, Rocket Launcher, LR Sensor Tower)
- credits
- changed fog tile texture

Version 1.22
- 139 new planets
- changed systems themes and map generator
- new asteroid fields
- added stars (3 types)
- changed antimatter ribbons
- changed debris field

Version 1.21
- changed nebulae

Version 1.20
- changed Camouflage texture
- changed sector map background texture
- changed names of races
- fixed some bugs

Version 1.19
- changed Sileron platform and units textures
- changed Sileron engine textures
- changed Sileron weapons
- new models for units
- deleted Altaria space stations

Version 1.18
- added new icons
- new fraction - Nemezis
- new models for Nemezis

Version 1.17
- changed Gunboat main weapon
- changed Heavy Lancer Cruiser weapon

Version 1.16
- changed Tactical Cruiser textures
- changed all fighters engine trail
- changed Tactical Battleship weapon
- changed Altaria units models
- added new fighter model

Version 1.15
- added new icons
- new fighters for Supercarrier
- changed Siris units and platforms parameters

Version 1.14
- new Siris platforms (Defense Battery, Rocket Launcher, LR Sensor Tower)
- deleted Ion Cannon

Version 1.13
- new backgrounds
- new Siris units

Version 1.12
- new graphics for mini maps

Version 1.11
- fixed some bugs

Version 1.10
- changed cost of all units to 1CP

Version 1.09
- changed in conquest.ini

Version 1.08
- new structure of files

Mod based on version 1.07 of Conquest: Frontier Wars
Conquest: Frontier Wars has been released on Good Old Games. It can be purchased for $5.99 and the download includes the manual, quick reference card and original soundtrack.

• Changes In  version 5.0
1) Replaced backgrounds (60 new backgrounds, activated 30).
2) Recoded all audio files with a popular codec.
3) New audio and video codecs built into the game.
4) Changed the game's toolbar.
5) Packed all the files in the Data folder into archives (in the format of the game).
6) Corrected bugs associated with the campaign.
7) Corrected minor bugs.

Download: (303 Mb) (303 Mb)
I have decided to release an early demo version of the mod, so users can point out what they would like to see in the mod and also as a preview of what is in store.

To install the mod open the .exe file and the file will self extract. You do not require anything else to play this mod.
War in Heaven Early Alpha Release 0.1
On the 22nd of January an updated Conquest: Frontier Wars will be re-released on Good Old Games. It is currently known that the interface will be changed and the music re-vamped, and the game will be optimized for newer operating systems.
Today I would like to present some early in-game screenshots from the mod, featuring Heaven and Hell and an additional star. These are work-in-progress screenshots so the final result may differ from the pictures shown here.
War in Heaven has now been submitted for ModDB. All updates will be posted here and there as well as on the CFWCommand forums.
War in Heaven: Angels and Demons