It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you my own total modification for Conquest: Frontier Wars which goes by the name of War in Heaven: Angels and Demons. The modification's motive is based on the Bible stories of the War in Heaven and the Fall of Lucifer. It is partly based on Seaniel's Nemezis Rebellion mod. The game will feature a new music score by Two Steps From Hell and Future World Music, re-textured ships and platforms, new weapons and three races: Heaven, Hell and Humans.

Completion date is uncertain. 

What has been done until now:
-Textures - mostly complete (Archangels' and Demons' ships remaining)
-Names - names chosen but mostly not in game yet
-Icons - very few complete
-Music - completed
-Weapons - some done
-User Interface - partly done

What I would like to do in the future:
-Intro Movie

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